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You Are In Control

Every single day you are giving set choices and you get to decide how you are going to respond and carry out those choices. You get to choose what to eat, what to wear, what to watch on tv, what to post to social media, and how to respond to positive or negative situations. You are in total control of all of the decisions and how you respond to them.

All too often throughout the day you can find yourself saying: “I have to” eat healthy, go to the gym, go to school, do my homework, play with me kids, and etc.

Instead of saying “I have to” switch it up and say “I GET TO”. By changing your vocabulary you are taking control of your actions.

I GET TO puts it all into perspective. You are lucky enough to get to go to the gym, to get the chance to eat healthy foods, to get to go to school, to have a job, and so much more!

You have thousands of thoughts and conversations with yourself every day! Changing the way you perceive your daily interactions and actions puts you in control of your day!



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