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The Couch Stretch

In my last email I talked about how everything you do in training is related to building speed and power on the ice. Below you will see two versions of one of my favorite stretches for hockey players. 

The Couch stretch is a simple and effective stretch that you can perform anywhere. It provides a strong stretch in both the quad and hip of the down leg. 

Set up it easy and it requires no special equipment!

You can use a wall as seen in the second part of the video or a bench or anything you can put your foot up on to. 

A few key points: 

  • Focus on keeping your chest up
  • You should be able to squeeze your butt cheek on the side that is being stretched (if you cannot the stretch is too much)
  • Alternate between periods of contracting your butt cheek and relaxing

Perform this stretch after workouts or when you are hanging out at home watching tv. 30-60s on each side for 1-3 sets is all that is needed. 


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