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3 Tips For Better Sleep

We all know that sleep is important, yet is it one of the most neglected things we do. We force ourselves to stay up late …

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The Couch Stretch

In my last email I talked about how everything you do in training is related to building speed and power on the ice. Below you …

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Tips On How To Get Faster On The Ice

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Off-Ice Jump Progressions For Figure Skating

In order to improve your jumping ability on the ice you need to learn to jump and land properly. We use the following progressions to …

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10s Day For Hockey

The 10s Day or Day 1 on our 3 Day Off-Season Template focuses on building power. The primary focus of this day is to develop …

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3 Day Training Program For Hockey

With gyms still closed or closing getting in your off-season prep work is harder than ever.  Below is a sample 3 Day Program that you …

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Single-Leg Exercises For Hockey

The off-season is here and as gyms and rinks begin to open back up it is more important than ever to make the best of …

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How To Improve Your Hockey Shot!

Looking to improve your hockey shot this summer? Check out the video below for tips on how to increase your hockey shot power!

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Optimizing Skating Technique Part 2

Here is Part 2 of Optimizing Your Skating Technique. If you missed Part 1 you can read that HERE. 5. Use a 45° Stride Angle …

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Optimizing Skating Technique (Part 1)

Recently I have been sharing with you tips on how to become a faster and more powerful hockey player.  None of that information matters if …

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