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At-Home Power Testing For Hockey

The Broad Jump and Lateral Bound are two lower-body tests that you can perform at home with no equipment.

Why Test

Testing provides players and coaches with valuable information in order to see where you are currently and to establish a baseline. We use the broad jump and the lateral bound to measure lower-body power in our hockey players. While these are only two of the off-ice assessments we use they will give you a good idea of where you are starting from. 

Remember to record your scores and test once a month to track progress!

The Broad Jump

This test measures the explosive power of the legs in the sagittal plane (straight line movement forward and backward). Hockey places a great emphasis on being able to express power horizontally. There is little to no vertical movement in the sport. 

How To Perform

  • Equipment Needed: Chaulk or Tape, Non-Slip and Safe Surface, and Measuring Tape
  • How To Perform
    • Draw or tape a line on the floor
    • Standing behind the line explode forward off two legs, trying to jump as fas as possible
    • You must stick the landing and land on two legs (if you step forward or step backward the jump does not count)
    • Mark just behind your heels
    • Measure the distance from the start to where your heels landed
    • Record Score

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The Lateral Bound

This test is unique to hockey given the side to side nature of the skating stride. The lateral bound measures single-leg power in the frontal plane (movement side to side). What makes this test unique is it measures explosive power and will show any imbalances. 

The imbalances seen in this test are usually between power created in each leg. It is not uncommon to see a difference in jump distance from each side. You can use this test to address power in the frontal plane and to create symmetry on each side. 

How To Perform 

  • Equipment Needed: Chaulk or Tape, Non-Slip and Safe Surface, and Measuring Tape
  • How To Perform:
    • Draw or tape a line on the floor 
    • Standing behind the line stand on one leg and explode laterally as far as you can landing on the opposite leg  
    • You must control the landing and land on one leg
    • Measure and record the distance jumped

While these tests are just a small piece of the puzzle they will help you establish a baseline and create a plan to improve your on-ice performance. 


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